General Objective

To contribute from the viewpoint of architects, designers, and planners to affordable worthy housing worldwide, understood not only in the sense of production of habitational units, but also as part of sustainable human settlements, seeking the quantitative and qualitative improvement of habitat of poverty sectors, both urban and rural, and collaborating to the overcoming of economic exclusions and unequalities, both social and cultural

Specific Objective

  1. To act for architects from all around the world to orient their activities towards poverty sectors, by collaborating in the policies, programmes and initiatives devised for the improvement of lodging within these sectors, offering technical assistance and knowledge for the improvement of housing

Proposed activities:

Information, instruction and capacitation AP WORKSHOPS offered to the different actors (users, architects and other technicians, officials, politicians, instructors…) with the following basic contents:

-The kind of reality we are concerned with

-The causes of the current situation and the conditions to overcome it

-Intervention techniques

-Specialization postgraduate or masters AP. COURSE offered to architects   and technicians.

-An WP. PUBLICATIONS series to systematically and periodically divulge:

-The contents of workshops, courses and forums.

-The intervention techniques

-The experiences and any replicable good practice.

  1. From the point of view of architecture, to promote research, and the generation of knowledge and opinion about habitat within poverty sectors.

Proposed activities:

– Selection of good practices.

– Promotion of teams, live/online meetings and working forums with the different actors aimed at the sharing of knowledge and the development of specific topics.

  1. To participate, collaborate, and support:

– In several public or private programmes promoted by associations, organizations, universities, R+D+i centres working in the area.

-In the programmes devised to track the Objectives of the Millenium, and in particular in the observatories for the habitat.

-In university subjects and chairs, courses, symposia and conferences related to the topic, specially in those subjects specific to architecture and in the associations integrating them.

Working Schemme



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